ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.11 - Clean Spaces


September 14, 2013

        A new subcommittee of TC9.11 – Energy Efficiency for Clean Rooms has been formed.
               Mr. Phil Naughton will chair this subcommittee.
       This subcommittee will focus on various aspects of energy efficiency of cleanrooms. The immediate goal of the subcommittee is to publish TC9.11 white paper on this topic. It will also help in other operations of our TC such as:
       1.Proposing suitable journal article

       2.Finding opportunities to propose Seminar, Forum and other technical sessions in ASHRAE conferences
       3.Continue to publish ASHRAE white paper on the topic
       4.Collaborate with other TCs and other related organization to share knowledge and experience on this topic

Structure of Energy Efficiency for Cleanrooms Subcommittee

       Chair: Phil Naughton

       Co-Chairs:  R. Vijayakumar and Kishor                                   Khankari

 Following members have expressed  interest in contributing to this effort:

       Gordon Sharp

       Ken Goodman
       Bill Tschudi
       Gary Shamshoian
       Den Low
       Bipin Patil
       Russ Bailey

       For those interested to join this committee, please let us know by sending email as shown below.

Welcome to the homepage of the ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.11

    TC 9.11 is concerned with air conditioning systems for cleanrooms and spaces, including process, product and facility air conditioning and related process ventilation for Research and Development, manufacturing, assembly, test and clean medical areas. This includes electronic, microelectronic, pharmaceutical and aerospace facilities and operating rooms.

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Our subcommittee meetings are scheduled as follows:

TC 9.11 New York City Meeting Report January 2014

TC 9.11 New York City 2014 Winter Meeting Agenda

TC 9.11 Denver Meeting Report June 2013

TC 9.11 Seattle Meeting Report June 2014

TC 9.11 Clean Spaces Technical Committee Meeting Agenda

Technical Committee Meeting Agenda - Atlanta, IL

Meeting Date:              Monday, June 29, 2015

Meeting Location:       Hilton Atlanta, Salon AB (2)

Meeting time:              2:15-4:00 pm     Main TC                                               Salon  AB (2)

                                    4:00-5:00 pm     Energy Efficiency Subcommittee        Salon  AB (2)

                                    5:00-5:30 pm     Handbook                                           Salon  AB (2)

                                    5:30-6:00 pm     Design Guide                                      Salon  AB (2)

PMS 1604                    Monday, June 22, 2015, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM               Conference call (done)

RP-1604 Presentation and progress review by PI, Wei Sun

R. Vijayakumar (Chair), Kishor Khankari, Gordon Sharp, Roland Charneux

PMS 1399                    Sunday, June 28, 2015, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM                 Room 404 - 4th Floor Hilton

RP-1399 Initial progress review by PI, Li Song

                                   Mitchell Swann (Chair), R. Vijayakumar, Wei Sun, Kenneth Mead, Vinod
                                   Gupta, John Varley, Peter Gardner

We are gearing up for the Handbook Fundamentals enhanced e-book chapter. Ideas and volunteers are welcome and needed.

TC 9.11 Clean Spaces Officers

Committee Chair:

Dr. Kishor Khankari, Ph.D.
AnSight LLC
 Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Subcommittee Members:

Vice-Chair: Art Giesler
Handbook: G. Shamshoian
Journal: M. Amstadt
Webmaster: Jojo G. Castro
Research: Vinod Gupta
Programs: P. Gardner
Design Guide: W. Sun
Short Course: R. Vijayakumar
Energy Efficiency: Phil Naughton

Upcoming Meetings:

2015 ASHRAE Technical  Committee Meeting Agenda
Atlanta IL, USA

June 29, 2015